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Dr. Reneé Carr is the trusted confidant to elected officials and high impact CEOs. She applies psychological science, business acumen, and human understanding to produce change at the state- and national level.

With expertise in human thinking, behaviors, emotions, and communications, Dr. Carr advises leaders on the solutions to improve their governments, economy, culture, and impact on citizens. She provides insight on the likelihood of future events, strategies to prevent future problems, and solutions for current problems or crises.

As a refreshing voice of honesty and intellect, Dr. Carr attracts listeners and viewers who want real, frank, and smart information to better understand social issues, critical news, and current events. Dr. Carr has become a trusted source that audiences can repeatedly turn to for unbiased explanation and advice.

As an award-winning psychologist and entrepreneur, she has received numerous recognitions for her innovative use of psychology to produce significant outcomes, change, and achievements for her clients.

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B.A. Theater Arts

B.S.  Accounting

M.B.A. with specialization in Entrepreneurship

M.S. Quantitative and Applied Psychology

Psy.D. Clinical Psychology

On psychological measures of achievement, Dr. Carr scores higher than 93% of the population.

As a high-achiever, Dr. Carr is driven to excel and obtain big wins for her clients.

Recent Honors

Top 100 Women in Maryland

2022  /  Issued by The Daily Record

100 Most Influential Blacks Today

2022  /  Issued by Core Magazine

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