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Body Language Expert Breaks Down Trump's Save America Speech

The List | Melissa Willets | source link

January 6, 2021

President Donald Trump's Save America Rally drew thousands of supporters as protests swelled in the face of Congress' vote to certify the 2020 election results (via The Washington Post). Trump's speech in front of the White House asserted his intentions to "never concede" among other strong statements about the prospect of transferring power to Joe Biden (via Los Angeles Times).

Among the many people who watched the speech is body language expert and psychologist Dr. Reneé Carr, a political and corporate advisor. She shared her observations with The List about what could be one of Trump's last appearances on the national stage as the leader of the free world.

"President Trump both opened with and maintained a smirk during his speech," Dr. Carr opined to The List. In her view, he was, "Reflecting happiness with the turnout." She felt his expression was a way to throw it in the face of "anyone who may doubt the amount and extent of his supporter size."

Trump's language further made the point that his speech and cause was drawing a lot of supporters, with the use of the word "all" to refer to the people gathered.

Donald Trump's speech reflected his feelings about Joe Biden's win

As Trump spoke, Dr. Carr noted he had his "arms wide open, showing a full body display" of his belief that it was "impossible for Joe Biden to have '80 million votes.'" She added that he was "subconsciously yelling."

Trump also made it clear he appreciated his supporters, nodding his head, encouraging them to applaud him through this action.

Meanwhile, when he spoke of Vice President Mike Pence's responsibility — Trump had asked him to overturn Electoral College results per CNBC — the President said "all he has to do..." and as Dr. Carr pointed out, used "a straight and stiff hand and arm movement, signifying a clear 'cut' in his respect for Vice President Pence — if Pence does not aggressively and publicly refute the electoral vote account." This gesture also expressed a "demarcation with Republicans as a result of today's Georgia run-off elections," Dr. Carr observed.

Dr. Carr shares more observations about Donald Trump's use of verbal and nonverbal language

Dr. Carr told The List that she also heard, "Repeated use of foul language, representing not only Trump's intense frustration, but also his full lack of restraint in expressing his frustration." Dr. Carr added she observed that Trump, "Maintains clear binary thinking — you are either strong or you are weak."

That Donald Trump cannot compromise was expressed through several of his statements during the Save America Speech, according to Dr. Carr. Examples are when he said, "You have to show strength and you have to be strong," and "we can not concede." He spoke loudly throughout the speech, and yelled at times, she told us, especially to "emphasize favorable descriptions of his outcomes." For instance, she observed "consistent inflection in his voice" when he said words like "massive," and "overwhelming." She added that Trump employed "both verbal and nonverbal language to exclaim his personal memories of success."

Finally, according to Dr. Carr, Trump, "regularly speaks without planned messaging." This is evidenced "by his looking up to the sky while reconsidering his statement."

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